When Experience Matters

About Jill McCubbin-Clare Acupuncturist

Welcome to Jill McCubbin-Clare Acupuncture

Jill has over 25 years experience ¡n the field of Energetic Medicine. She spent 21 years in California, studying under various mentors, completing education in the Complementary Medicine field, and running her practice as a Licensed Acupuncturist in the La Jolla, CA. In 2000, Jill returned to Canada with her husband and 5 year old daughter, to be with her mother in her last stage of cancer. She decided to stay and raise her daughter in the rural area of Sydenham. ON. Jill’s practice combines acupuncture with yoga, and her knowledge of energetic medicine. Jill also teaches yoga in the rural area.

The Intake and Assessment

During the assessment process, Jill acts as a detective, uncovering the root causes of any pain or imbalance. Jill warmly and sensitively interviews her clients about their health, listening thoughtfully to gather and consider the information. Jill then takes a “tongue and pulse” to assess the flow of Qi. Jill will then collaborate with the patient on an agreeable treatment plan, encouraging them to play an active role in their health and wellness.


Jill may use needles or lasers to activate specific points on the body that correlate to different emotions and physical conditions. Jill stimulates the movement of Qi throughout the body to encourage healing. She also draws on her counseling skills to help move her patients toward positive changes to maintain and promote energy in all areas of their life.

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